Yoga exercises on waking – the easiest and most effective


At the beginning of the day it is highly recommended to perform some stretching exercises that activate the muscles and joints. In fact, naturally it is normal for us to stretch and stretch so that the body can activate itself and start the day well. Therefore, if instead of stretching in any way you follow some specific yoga asanas, you will be able to activate your body in a healthy and positive way. In this article we are going to show you the best yoga exercises when you wake up that will help you start the day in the best possible way.

3 benefits of yoga to start the day

Before we dive into yoga exercises when you wake up, let’s take a moment to see how important it is to do this simple routine. As we have already said, doing yoga in the morning will help you activate your body and make your muscles stretch and acquire more elasticity.

Here we leave you the 3 benefits of morning yoga so you can start practicing it from today.

Start the day on the right foot

If there is something that characterizes the practice of yoga, it is that, with it, you manage to focus on the present and relax body and mind at the same time. Therefore, it is a good tool to dispel stress, anxiety or negative thinking and start, from the good morning, with a dose of optimism and good humor. In addition, there are some yoga poses that help you have more vitality and prepare your body for the day.

Take care of you every day

Another benefit of doing yoga when you wake up is that it makes you aware of the importance of taking care of yourself every day. Many times, because of routine and obligations, we abandon ourselves and we leave ourselves in the background. But it is important that, every day, you take care of yourself, love yourself and remember how important it is to enjoy a positive and full life.

Relaxation for the whole day

And finally, another benefit worth noting is that yoga in the morning helps you activate your body but, at the same time, relax your mind. You will start the day with a very vital energy but with a calm and relaxed mind, perfect to face your new day.

Yoga in bed: 3 exercises

Within this compilation with easy and effective yoga exercises when you wake up, we will begin by indicating some postures for which you will not even need to get out of bed. They are body positions that aim to achieve greater elasticity and stretch the muscles well before putting the feet on the ground.

Yoga pose 1

We will start with a daily yoga exercise that will help you stretch the leg and spine area. To do this, you simply have to sit on the bed, stretch your legs to the maximum and bend your back forward trying to touch your feet.

Posture 2

The next pose that will help you wake up your leather in the morning is to do a twist. To do this you must lie on your back on your bed and then bend your knees bringing them to your chest. Now you should move them to the right and then to the left feeling how the twist stretches the flanks of your body and your back well.

Third morning yoga pose

And to finish this yoga exercise in bed you will have to sit in the lotus position. Then, you should place your hands on top of the knees and press down slightly so that the legs and the joints of the lower body of your body are well stretched.

Morning yoga routine

We are now starting to offer you a morning yoga table that will help you start the day in a very positive and relaxed way. We have selected 3 yoga exercises when you wake up so you can easily do it in any space in your room or at home. These asanas are ideal to stretch and activate your body so that you are fully prepared to face a new day.

Uttanasa, yoga exercise to start the day

It is one of the best ways to activate the body when waking up. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Get up straight on a mat with your body relaxed
  2. Now, exhale and begin to lower your body forward and down
  3. Try to touch your legs with your body, even if you have to bend your knees a little
  4. Next, bring your arms together as if you were hugging your body and hold still in this position for 10 seconds

Downward dog

Another exercise that you can include in your morning yoga routine is known as “Adho mukha shvanasana” or ” downward facing dog.” To do this asana you will have to do the following:

  1. Lie face down on the floor and put your hands on the floor
  2. Now start lifting your hips up keeping your knees bent, if you need to.
  3. The arms and legs have to be aligned with the hips for the pose to be done correctly
  4. Stretch your arms well and do not raise your head
  5. In this position, take 10 deep breaths

Cobra pose

And we end this article with the best yoga exercises when you wake up to tell you about the cobra pose or known in Sanskrit as “Bhujangasana”. To do it, you just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Lie face down on the mat
  2. Inhale air and slowly raise your torso curving your back
  3. You should stretch your arms and ensure that the belly and chest area is well upright
  4. You can keep your head straight or throw it back slightly
  5. Take 10 deep breaths and slowly return to your body position


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