Why start yoga in pregnancy


Women, especially when they are first time, tend to have many doubts, pains and tensions that they did not have before, for all this, many professionals advise that having a good state of mind is important.

For all this, resorting to the famous relaxation techniques are quite advisable, not only for the mother, but also for the little one that grows inside her. One of the favorites is Hatha Yoga, which is one of the most basic, the most suitable for pregnant women. The main objective it seeks is to help the gestation, birth and postpartum period to happen in the healthiest and most relaxed way possible.

The yoga postures, called “asanas” and meditation allow the woman to develop the necessary confidence and learn to listen to herself and the natural rhythms of her body, something beneficial in those moments of instability on an emotional level, in the case of pregnancy for women.

This has been seen in many scientific investigations that have scientifically evidenced the effects of such activity when modifying the mood produced by hormones and that it was able to verify how the use improved the mood of pregnant women who were at risk at the psychiatric level.

It is worth to learn to breathe and thus strengthen the muscles

Not that you have to prepare for a competition, but being in good shape can go a long way towards giving birth in a less traumatic way. Yoga helps both emotionally and physically and mentally, since, if one of the parts fails, it ends up affecting the others, so it is necessary to seek inner balance.

At the body level, exercising breathing and muscles are the two priorities of Hatha Yoga, which includes the breathing technique called “ujayi”, which consists of inhaling deeply and slowly through the nose until the lungs are filled of air, and then exhale until the stomach is compressed. These are two exercises similar to those in maternal education classes.

When labor is easier and less painful, it is also advisable to tone the muscles, especially in the pelvic area and the homemade ones, where it can also be of great help.

Yoga is also of great help when it comes to relieving spinal pain caused by belly growth and greatly improves the fitness of the pelvic muscles, helping to lower the risks of incontinence and constipation, being the ideal massage for all the organs of our body.

Well-being means more relaxation

Practicing yoga once a week, for example, can not only make you feel lighter, it is also possible to become more involved in the pregnancy itself. Many pregnant women say that they are more aware that they are carrying a baby within them and that they listen more carefully and pay attention to their movements.


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