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Parivrtta Trikonasana – Inverted Triangle Pose

This asana is a combination of bending and twisting and teaches you how to work each part of your body.
hot yoga benefits for women

Hot Yoga Benefits for Women

Yoga is great for your body and brain. Discover the benefits with Hot Yoga Benefits For Women.

4 yoga exercises to lose weight

Did you know that losing weight doing yoga is simple and very effective? This practice, in which the exercises are mostly static, helps us to burn fat...

First yoga exercises: 10 basic postures to greet the sun.

After our previous installment, which you can read here, surely you have liked the first basic postures for those who are just starting out in...
what is power yoga

What is Power Yoga? How does it Differ from Conventional Yoga?

I bet you are wondering what Power Yoga is. When it comes to yoga, there are many styles. Each of them...