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Ardha Uttanasana – Half Gripper

Ardha means "middle" and uttana "extension." Ardha Uttanasana - Half Forceps is a simple and effective posture that allows a clean and safe stretching of the back leg, back...

Can you do yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga is a very beautiful practice for women during the pregnancy months. Not only does it allow them to stay active, elastic and flexible, but...

Practicing Yoga at Home: What do you need?

The fundamental thing when starting to practice Yoga is wanting to practice it. To do this, you...

What is yoga for children?

Children can soak up knowledge like a sponge. Imagine if we intervened in their competitive sports,...

Benefits of Yoga for Senile Dementia

Physical Yoga or Hath Yoga, is a science of health and well-being that serves both children and adults. We could say that at each...