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Tadasana – Mountain pose

Tada means mountain. In Tadasana , the body is straight like a mountain and the feet are firm against the ground. The posture is more serene than rigid. You will...

Tips to lose weight with little effort

When we consider losing weight, the need to have to diet always comes to mind and in many cases this puts us back and...

The best yoga exercises to open your chest and keep your back upright

Either due to work or because we are always looking at the mobile screen, every day we are more hunched over and that brings...

Benefits of yoga for weight loss

The benefits of yoga to lose weight are increasingly known, as it is an activity that helps a lot to relax and that our balance in...

Yoga poses to relax

Yoga is an increasingly widespread practice that is currently very fashionable. It has its origin in India and, although it has changed a lot from...