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Yoga Poses for the Buttocks

Yoga is a wonderful workout for the whole body and you can also target the areas you’d like to tone up....
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What is the Best Yoga workout for Beginners?

Yoga is for everyone, and absolutely anyone can practice yoga. Finding the best Yoga workout for Beginners depends on what you...

Janu Sirsasana – Willow Pose

Janu Sirsasana, also known as Head-to-Knee Forward Bend or Willow Pose. It is a seated forward bend considered a restorative pose...

Keys to Meditation applied to everyday life

Integral Meditation provides us with tools for the development of capacities and conditions that facilitate the connection with the inner guide. The highest purpose of...
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Stomach Flattening Yoga: Lose your Belly with these 18 Poses

Lose belly fat with yoga! Here's a selection of the best stomach flattening yoga poses for you to tone up and flatten fast.