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The benefits of Yoga for health

Yoga is a healthy practice that is, all in all, good for your entire body. If you practice it consistently and properly, you will...

Anjaneyasana – Crescent Moon Pose

Anja "form", neya "reduced". In Anjaneyasana - Crescent Moon Pose, the spine is arched a lot and the back of the leg is stretched. The whole body draws an arc, which...

4 yoga exercises to lose weight

Did you know that losing weight doing yoga is simple and very effective? This practice, in which the exercises are mostly static, helps us to burn fat...

Benefits of yoga for the mind

Since the 1970s, many studies have advised meditation as a way to treat some mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, or as a...
hot yoga benefits for women

Hot Yoga Benefits for Women

Yoga is great for your body and brain. Discover the benefits with Hot Yoga Benefits For Women.