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Bakasana – Crane Pose

Baka means "crane". Bakasana - Crane Pose is based on the crane, a tall water bird with a long graceful neck, long legs and a straight beak. He...

Siddhasana – Perfect Posture

Siddha  means "perfect". Siddhas are yogis who possess supernatural powers. Siddhasana - Perfect Posture is recommended for pranayama and meditation practice . Technique Sitting position in Dandasana Bring your right foot toward your...

Why start yoga in pregnancy

Women, especially when they are first time, tend to have many doubts, pains and tensions that they did not have before, for all this,...

Benefits of Warrior 1 Pose in Yoga

The warrior 1...

Marjaryasana – Cat Pose

In this position the graceful movements of the cat are imitated. It is a relaxing stretch that encourages deep breathing. Marjaryasana is a good counter pose for...