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Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn Review – Does it Really Work?

★★★★ The Yoga Burn system is a unique 12-week weight loss program designed specifically...

Yoga exercises for beginners: 9 basic poses that will encourage you to start

Many times we think that the practice of yoga is for people with developed physical condition or extraordinary flexibility; on the contrary, yoga is to...

What is yoga for children?

Children can soak up knowledge like a sponge. Imagine if we intervened in their competitive sports,...

Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Chakra "wheel". Chakrasana - Wheel pose requires considerable upper body strength and a flexible spine. In this strong stretch all the chakras are stimulated , invigorating the body and mind. Technique Begin...

Parighasana – Crossbar Pose

Parigha means "bar to secure a door." Parighasana produces a strong lateral stretch by curving the body in an arch. Technique Sitting position in Vajrasana . Breathe evenly. Get up on...