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Matsyasana – Fish Pose

Matsya  "fish". Matsyasana - Fish Pose  is the counter pose to Sarvangasana and should be practiced after finishing it. The spine arches and the head leans back to...
stretches to lose weight

Stretches to Lose Weight: 14 Stretching Exercises You Can Do at Home to Burn...

This researched article is all about 14 stretches you can do to help you lose weight. These stretching exercises will help you look and feel great.
yoga for bigger body beginners

Yoga for Bigger Body Beginners – Body Positive Yoga

It is an absolute myth that those with bigger bodies cannot practice yoga. People practicing yoga do so in all shapes...

The best yoga exercises to open your chest and keep your back upright

Either due to work or because we are always looking at the mobile screen, every day we are more hunched over and that brings...
does pilates help you lose weight

Does Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates is a popular workout that has been around for decades. It can be an effective technique for weight loss, but...