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Tadasana – Mountain pose

Tada means mountain. In Tadasana , the body is straight like a mountain and the feet are firm against the ground. The posture is more serene than rigid. You will...

Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

Dhanura means "bow". In  Dhanurasana - Bow Pose the body takes the form of a bow. The arms are hooked to the ankles and tightened as if they were...

Sarvangasana – Candle Pose

Sarva = "complete", anga = "body". Sarvangasana - Candle pose is traditionally considered the queen of poses. This pose benefits the whole body. Blood flow is reversed, thereby increasing blood supply...

5 Yoga Styles Kids Will Love

Exploring and knowing your own body is just one part of what can be achieved with yoga practice as a child. There are many paths...

How to practice yoga to treat epilepsy

There are a number of Yoga postures for treating epilepsy. The forward lean position, downward dog pose, and corpse pose are three of the 18 positions...