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How to practice Yoga: General Guide

These general guidelines for practicing yoga are highly recommended reading if you are new to the practice. We cover all the dos and don'ts for a...
yoga for bigger body beginners

Yoga for Bigger Body Beginners – Body Positive Yoga

It is an absolute myth that those with bigger bodies cannot practice yoga. People practicing yoga do so in all shapes...

Garudasana – Eagle Pose

Garuda = "eagle god". Garudasana - Eagle Pose requires a lot of flexibility in the legs and shoulders. Technique Begin standing in Tadasana . Look ahead and fix your eyes on...
yoga for a flat belly

Yoga for Weight Loss: Tips and Techniques to Help You Get a Flat Tummy

Do you want a flat tummy? Yoga is an excellent way to get one. The poses in yoga will work the...

Yoga poses that will help slim your body

The benefits that yoga brings to the mind include, among others, concentration or emotional stability (it helps to isolate the mind from disturbances). Although the...