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Health benefits of Ayurvedic infusions

You have surely heard about the great benefits for our health and well-being in general that Ayurvedic infusions have, which can be used, both...

Yoga for children, 5 postures to practice with your children

The benefits of yoga for children are so great that we do not realize how much our children are missing by not practicing yoga. Yoga for children...

Yoga poses that will help slim your body

The benefits that yoga brings to the mind include, among others, concentration or emotional stability (it helps to isolate the mind from disturbances). Although the...

Baddha Konasana – Shoemaker Pose

Baddha  means “caught” and kona means “angle.” In   Baddha Konasana  the legs angle inwards with the soles of the feet pressed together. It is the traditional posture of the...

Dandasana – Staff pose

Danda means “staff.” In  Dandasana - Staff pose  the back is straight and upright. It is the starting position for many seated postures. Practicing this pose develops a good habit of...