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Correct breathing and all its benefits

I would like this publication to contain the information that can bring you closer to understanding the breath seen from the philosophy of Yoga. This...

What is Mindfulness? Where does your success lie?

Somehow the 'mindful wave' has reached us all, but we would not know how to define or specify what it consists of and where...

Solgar, a specialized solution to supplement our food

We live in times in which nutritional supplements are essential to keep us strong and healthy. Solgar is not a newcomer, as it has been in...

Parighasana – Crossbar Pose

Parigha means "bar to secure a door." Parighasana produces a strong lateral stretch by curving the body in an arch. Technique Sitting position in Vajrasana . Breathe evenly. Get up on...

Matsyasana – Fish Pose

Matsya  "fish". Matsyasana - Fish Pose  is the counter pose to Sarvangasana and should be practiced after finishing it. The spine arches and the head leans back to...