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Discover what natural nutritional supplements can provide you

Sometimes, surely you have believed that you were eating a balanced diet, but you feel weak. If you feel weak, your body may need natural food...

Pavanamuktasana – Wind Release Posture

Pavan "wind", mukta "liberated". Pavanamuktasana - Wind Release Pose is a relaxing pose. It is an excellent counter-stretch for strong spinal push-ups. The...
stretches to lose weight

Stretches to Lose Weight: 14 Stretching Exercises You Can Do at Home to Burn...

This researched article is all about 14 stretches you can do to help you lose weight. These stretching exercises will help you look and feel great.
what is vinyasa yoga

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa flow is a modern style of yoga that originated in the West and is adapted to the dynamics and lifestyle...

Uttihita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle

Uttihita means "extended" or "stretched" and trikona means "triangle". Uttihita Trikonasana is a pose that aims to stretch the side of the body. The hips should be aligned forward. Don't be...