Practicing Yoga at Home: What do you need?


The fundamental thing when starting to practice Yoga is wanting to practice it. To do this, you must choose a moment where you have the necessary tranquility, because you must be completely focused.

Although at the beginning it is complicated, you will have to pay attention to your body to be able to feel each position, the breath, etc.

The positive is that you will not need an innumerable list of things, because in the end your body and your mind are the most important elements in Yoga.

When it comes to doing Yoga at home, you will only need a small place in an area free of distractions, quiet, clean and ventilated.

It is also important to have comfortable and loose clothing to be able to do all the movements.

It is best to practice yoga at home without shoes or socks, in this way you will feel the ground better, being in contact with the ground, being more aware and avoiding slipping.

We go with the most suitable products for Yoga:

A non-slip mat

This is essential. With a good non-slip mat you will be more comfortable and you will not hurt your back in those positions that are sometimes adopted in sessions.

Remember that a good non-slip Yoga mat is thin, stable and does not slip, which gives that security that is needed to make movements easier.

Something that is often asked is how the mats should be. The best thing is that they are thin, about 3 millimeters thick, enough to isolate us from the ground.

You should pay attention to the size and make sure that it fits perfectly when you are fully lying down and stretched out.

The material is also important, so we must invest in a good quality one, even if the price is somewhat higher.

There are people who are looking for the material of the mat to be respectful with the environment, which can increase the price of the mat somewhat.

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Accessories for Yoga class

Not that they are fundamental, but they will help you practice this type of discipline. The most commonly used are straps and blocks.

Yoga straps

They make stretching easier and also perform some of the postures that we are going to carry out when we do not have much flexibility, something that improves with practice and the time we dedicate to it.

They are normally made of nylon and if we want to be more homemade, we can even use a belt in case we do not have a specific strap.

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Yoga Blocks

They are small “bricks” that are made of cork or foam and, as they are strapped, they usually provide us with some positions.

Bricks and blocks are very affordable, so if you need them, it is best to buy them.

Especially if we are going to practice Yoga assiduously.

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Comfort, above all

As we said before, when practicing Yoga it is essential to be comfortable with the clothes we wear, regardless of whether it is wide pants or tights, a top or a T-shirt.

You have to be aware of the importance of comfort and adaptability to do the postures.

It is clear that yes, for example, we are receiving a class, the clothes that are tighter make it easier for the teacher to correct us, because he will be able to see the position of our joints and limbs more easily.

Although we are not deceived, the fundamental thing is that we find ourselves really comfortable with the clothes we wear to be able to concentrate properly, both in class and in asanas.

Yoga really has multiple benefits, so its practice is highly recommended and even more than others, since it can be done comfortably at home.

We hope that after these tips for the practice of Yoga at home you will have a little clearer which are the most necessary.

Although at first it seems something new and you do not know things, you will see how in less time than you think you will discover everything that Yoga has to offer us.


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