Discover the benefits of mindfulness for children and adolescents


Mindfulness, which we could say that means “mindfulness”, is a technique that has its origin in Buddhism, where it was popularized in the Western world by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and that is essentially based on a practice where meditation occurs therapeutic to reduce stress.

We speak of a practice where we start paying attention to the breath to focus on the world in which we are living, and not on what could have happened or what may be in the future. The ultimate goal is to create a great distance in terms of thoughts and emotions, observing them without an immediate reaction.

In recent years, the technique has become a way of treating problems such as ADHD or symptoms such as anxiety, autism, stress or depression, thanks to mindfulness, with great success.

Emotional dependence

Likewise, it is also worth talking about emotional attachment or dependence, since this type of dependence on someone or towards something is a reality that we can see how it affects a large number of people, who, however, are not aware of the harmful effect that has all of it.

There is a tendency to cling to specific things, where it is thought that this will be the fruit of happiness, but what happens is that in the end a bond is created where we become devoid of freedom.

When happiness is linked to something or a person, being able to enjoy our life becomes in danger, since we find ourselves hooked on a person or objects, which affects health at a mental level, a problem that can turn out to be quite serious in some cases.

There are psychotherapists who are specialists in couple relationships who think that this attitude is natural because as social beings we always yearn for a bond that can make us feel intimacy, growth, sexuality, intimacy or belonging, although we do not want it to condition our sense of well-being. Each person is an individual entity, you have to be yourself and live your own life.

Likewise, there are psychologists who think that there is no essential element to be able to get ahead. If we find an element that comes to condition existence, what we happen is to have an attachment that supposes the inability to be able to renounce a desire when it causes damage to our happiness and mental health.

These kinds of tendencies occur frequently and individuals who have obsessive personalities or where perfectionism is the protagonist. In any case, as in all addictions, one of the main causes is the emotional immaturity that people often suffer, which means that they cannot bear various pains or frustrations that we tend to want to satisfy with attachment. We are facing a generalized picture and being animals of habit, there is no one who is safe from falling into dependence, something that can be very negative.

Mindfulness has appeared as an effective solution for all these types of problems and it is worth knowing more about it and especially trying it to be able to experience the beneficial effects it has on people.

So now you know, if you want to know problems well, solve them and also increase control over our thoughts and feelings, mindfulness is an interesting alternative that is becoming more and more popular. What are you waiting for to experience it? From here we wish you the best of luck!


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