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What is Mindfulness? Where does your success lie?

Somehow the 'mindful wave' has reached us all, but we would not know how to define or specify what it consists of and where...

Parighasana – Crossbar Pose

Parigha means "bar to secure a door." Parighasana produces a strong lateral stretch by curving the body in an arch. Technique Sitting position in Vajrasana . Breathe evenly. Get up on...

Ustrasana – Camel Pose

Usta "camel". In Ustrasana - Camel Pose, the  whole body is stretched and the chest expands by pulling back arms and shoulders. Technique Begin sitting in Vajrasana . Get on your...

Bakasana – Crane Pose

Baka means "crane". Bakasana - Crane Pose is based on the crane, a tall water bird with a long graceful neck, long legs and a straight beak. He...
tree pose

The benefits of Yoga for health

Yoga is a healthy practice that is, all in all, good for your entire body. If you practice it consistently and properly, you will...