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Parivrtta Trikonasana – Inverted Triangle Pose

This asana is a combination of bending and twisting and teaches you how to work each part of your body.

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Are you not sleeping properly? Do you feel that it is becoming more difficult to fall asleep or that you wake up even more tired...

Uttihita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle

Uttihita means "extended" or "stretched" and trikona means "triangle". Uttihita Trikonasana is a pose that aims to stretch the side of the body. The hips should be aligned forward. Don't be...

Improve your health with therapeutic yoga

The therapeutic yoga is highly recommended for people who wish to overcome some kind of physical problem naturally. It stands out for its simplicity and its progressiveness, where...

Padmasana – Lotus Pose

Padma  means "lotus". Padmasana - Lotus Posture is the classic posture practiced in pranayama and meditation. For many people it is one of the most difficult...