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Yoga for Beginners – How to Get Started

If you are fascinated by yoga and want to start practicing it, there are probably a few questions running through your...

Yoga for Beginners at Home

More and more people are reaching for yoga as a solution to balance and control their stressful lifestyle. Perhaps finding the...

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Beginner Yoga Series

Yoga invites you to connect with the breath while strengthening and stretching through different postures. This internal connection calms your mind, relaxes your body, improves...

Uttihita Parsvsakonasana – Extended Standing Side Stretch

Parva  means "side" or "flank" and kona  means "an angle". This standing pose strongly stretches the side of the body. If balance is difficult, practice wall stance. As in...
Yoga Fish Pose – Matsyasana

How to do the Yoga Fish Pose – Matsyasana

The Fish Pose, usually a counter pose to the shoulder stand, is a back-bending yoga pose. The reason it is called...

The benefits of natural products

Using products of natural origin in our diet or in our day-to-day routines in terms of beauty is highly advantageous: Let's cite some of these...

4 Ways Yoga Can Help Kids

Knowingly or not, modern parents plunge their children into a stressful, grown-up world too early. School, the lack of quality time with parents, TV, the...