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what is power yoga

What is Power Yoga? How does it Differ from Conventional Yoga?

I bet you are wondering what Power Yoga is. When it comes to yoga, there are many styles. Each of them...

Parsvottanasana – Forward Side Stretch

Parsva   "sideways" and uttana "extension." In Parsvottanasana - Forward Lateral Stretch, the chest is expanded by pulling the shoulders back with the position of the hands. Corrects sagging shoulders and...

Sarvangasana – Candle Pose

Sarva = "complete", anga = "body". Sarvangasana - Candle pose is traditionally considered the queen of poses. This pose benefits the whole body. Blood flow is reversed, thereby increasing blood supply...

Is it good to do yoga before sleeping?

In general, doing any sports activity before going to sleep is not highly recommended because it will cost you more to fall asleep. However, in...
stretches to lose weight

Stretches to Lose Weight: 14 Stretching Exercises You Can Do at Home to Burn...

This researched article is all about 14 stretches you can do to help you lose weight. These stretching exercises will help you look and feel great.