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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga poses that will help slim your body

The benefits that yoga brings to the mind include, among others, concentration or emotional stability (it helps to isolate the mind from disturbances). Although the...

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Yoga poses for the back – easy and effective

Yoga is beneficial for the back, although it must be practiced with care when there are problems in the spine, because not all the...

4 Ways Yoga Can Help Kids

Knowingly or not, modern parents plunge their children into a stressful, grown-up world too early. School, the lack of quality time with parents, TV, the...

Yoga for children, 5 postures to practice with your children

The benefits of yoga for children are so great that we do not realize how much our children are missing by not practicing yoga. Yoga for children...

Yoga exercises on waking – the easiest and most effective

At the beginning of the day it is highly recommended to perform some stretching exercises that activate the muscles and joints. In fact, naturally it is normal...

Benefits of breathing techniques in yoga: pranayama

The breathing techniques of yoga, called pranayama, are one of the pillars of this discipline. Thanks to them, an attempt is made to regulate vital energy in...