Benefits of practicing yoga outdoors


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), physical exercise on a regular basis is necessary to maintain a healthy life, and is considered one of the healthy habits along with adequate food and the correct rest. The lack of this physical activity in the daily routine and, therefore, the sedentary lifestyle that prevails in today’s society due to the limited free time and the type of work that is carried out, cause an increase in both weight disorders, such as weight loss. Obesity or overweight, as well as psychological disorders such as anxiety and stress.

There are certain types of activities in which, in addition to doing physical exercise if we manage to acquire the habit of doing it regularly, we also manage to reduce anxiety and stress that both work and personal problems can cause us. One of these activities is yoga, which is currently not only practiced in the East, but has spread throughout the world, being considered one of the best practices to reduce the problems already mentioned. In addition, if it is practiced outdoors you will enhance its effects. Here we tell you the benefits of practicing yoga outdoors.

What is yoga and what is it for

Yoga is an ancient discipline (according to some writings) that has its origins in India. From the beginning it refers to the union between body and mind to achieve harmony on all planes: body, mind and spirit. Today, modern yoga has been transformed into an activity that has multiple benefits both physical and mental. Both the body and the mind are worked, performing a series of postures that favor the gain of balance and add flexibility to the muscles, but also improve concentration. One of its most outstanding practices is relaxation, which is usually associated with breathing control, as it helps us achieve that feeling of harmony and peace of mind.

This activity can be practiced both inside a room and outdoors. It is usually taught in many sports centers, but some schools choose to go out to the mountains, the beach or a park, because they argue that the benefits of this discipline are multiplied.

Physical benefits of practicing yoga outdoors

One of the main physical benefits of practicing yoga outdoors, which is closely related to the mental part, is the activation of all your senses. Inside a room or a study you do not receive as much stimulation as being outside. Your hearing, your sight, your touch will notice other different sensations than if you are practicing yoga in a closed place. You will hear different sounds, you will notice an unusual surface and, if you choose sunrise or sunset in a strategic place, you will also gain spectacular views, which will favor your good feelings.

Another of the great benefits refers to breathing. Both at the time of the postures, as in the relaxation, the practice of breathing is essential. You will be much more aware of it if you feel the fresh air filling and emptying your lungs. In addition, you will add greater oxygenation than being inside the gym.

If you do yoga outdoors in a sunny place, you will also be gaining vitamin D, since the sun’s rays are responsible for activating it, favoring its absorption and improving the health of your bones.

Mental benefits of practicing yoga outdoors

The practice of yoga outdoors also has great benefits for your mind. We have talked about an increase in the activation of your senses. This factor is closely associated with higher concentration. Being in a place where the number of stimuli is greater, your mind will have to make an equivalent effort to be fully concentrated on the postures and breathing, which will increase your ability to concentrate.

Another of the mental benefits of going out to do yoga is the need you experience to adapt to a place where you are not usually. By breaking the routine, you are leaving your comfort zone, which generates greater personal growth and an increase in your ability to accept changes.

We recommend that if you have decided to practice yoga outdoors, you choose a place that is comfortable for you, but, above all, that automatically generates a sense of peace. This way you will be able to recharge yourself with positive energy and reduce stress and anxiety even more.


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