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TipsYoga was born to disseminate truthful and quality information about the world of yoga, meditation and healthy life. What are you waiting for to learn more about yoga? If the world of yoga fascinates you, at TipsYoga.com you will discover countless tips, photos, videos developed by experts and other members of the Community.

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Ardha Bhujangasana – Half Cobra Pose

Ardha Bhujangasana - Half Cobra Posture is a posture of extension or posterior flexion of the spine, easy to perform and to which we can...

Benefits of yoga for the mind

Since the 1970s, many studies have advised meditation as a way to treat some mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, or as a...

Choose the perfect yoga block

The yoga block is one of the most popular accessories in a yoga class. Yoga accessories were popularized by BKS Iyengar as tools to support...

Keys to Meditation applied to everyday life

Integral Meditation provides us with tools for the development of capacities and conditions that facilitate the connection with the inner guide. The highest purpose of...

Baddha Konasana – Shoemaker Pose

Baddha  means “caught” and kona means “angle.” In   Baddha Konasana  the legs angle inwards with the soles of the feet pressed together. It is the traditional posture of the...