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TipsYoga was born to disseminate truthful and quality information about the world of yoga, meditation and healthy life. What are you waiting for to learn more about yoga? If the world of yoga fascinates you, at TipsYoga.com you will discover countless tips, photos, videos developed by experts and other members of the Community.

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Choose the perfect yoga block

The yoga block is one of the most popular accessories in a yoga class. Yoga accessories were popularized by BKS Iyengar as tools to support...

Parivrtta Trikonasana – Inverted Triangle Pose

This asana is a combination of bending and twisting and teaches you how to work each part of your body.
yoga for beginners at home

Yoga for Beginners at Home

More and more people are reaching for yoga as a solution to balance and control their stressful lifestyle. Perhaps finding the...

How to find inner peace with yoga and meditation?

Inner peace is a sense of well-being that we achieve when we free ourselves from the stress, anxiety, and worries that surround us every...

Top 5 yoga tips for beginners

If you are planning to start yoga for the first time, try to follow the advice of your teachers and friends who are already doing...