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What is Mindfulness? Where does your success lie?

Somehow the 'mindful wave' has reached us all, but we would not know how to define or specify what it consists of and where...

7 benefits of homeopathic medicines

Scientists have long tried to disprove homeopathic medicine without achieving their goals. It is truly satisfying to witness the results and above all, many people...

Uttanasana – Standing Gripper

U ttana means "extension." In Uttanasana - Standing clamp the upper part of the body leans forward, allowing the spine and legs to be lengthened and stretched. It is a...

Stress out! Thanks to mindfulness, yoga and meditation

The current pace of life leads many people to suffer from anxiety problems. That is why there are many who begin the practice of disciplines...

Uttihita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle

Uttihita means "extended" or "stretched" and trikona means "triangle". Uttihita Trikonasana is a pose that aims to stretch the side of the body. The hips should be aligned forward. Don't be...