4 Ways Yoga Can Help Kids


Knowingly or not, modern parents plunge their children into a stressful, grown-up world too early. School, the lack of quality time with parents, TV, the computer, sports and much more: all this influences the minds of children and puts unnecessary pressure. And, just like with adults, yoga can help children too! How? In this way:

  • Yoga increases self-esteem and body awareness thanks to its lack of competitiveness. In our super competitive world, yoga is a safe haven where children don’t have to improve, push themselves, or aim higher to receive encouragement from the teacher, or feel bad when they don’t meet their parents’ expectations. At the same time, it offers a nice way to let children get to know their bodies and abilities.
  • Yoga develops strength and flexibility. Yoga provides enough physical activity for children’s physical development and stretching, without overloading them. In addition, the emphasis is on correct breathing and relaxation.
  • Yoga improves concentration and the ability to relax. Stillness and balance (the basic principles of yoga asanas) are taught to children in the most effective way possible, so that they learn to value these skills and use them outside of yoga class.
  • Yoga develops imagination and creativity. Yoga for kids is really different from yoga for adults. Children inspire yoga instructors to intersperse a variety of other activities in yoga classes: drawing, music, storytelling and much more, so it is never boring for children to exercise their bodies and minds.


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